tDTb update


  1. Hi Little Leonard .
    Sometimes I visit your modelling blog, because it's very interesting subject for me.
    But today, I have a one importatnt question for you. Cold you expalin me, how you make upgrade instrument panels for your bike ? Any programm tools ?

    Best Regards !

  2. Thanks for the question. The original decal sheet fro the 1/8th scale Monogram/Revell "Big T" kit. Scanned and re-mastered with photo shop. You can download the photo from the blog and I can also send you a file of the re-master or original. email me if you want.

  3. Thank you so much for your answer. Your modelling skills it's awesome. Actually I make old model from Italeri - Harley WLA 1:9. But instrument panels for this model is terribly weak. In this situation I search better panels because my skills in photoshop it's litlle bit small. In the past works maybe you upgrade panels for WLA ?

    Best Regards.

  4. Yes, if I get a chance, I will do a re-master on the 1/9th scale WLA speedo graphic. Thanks for the idea and stay tuned.