"Chiquita Bonita" update

"Chiquita Bonita" - the ape-hanger handlebar challenge.
5.8.17 in-progress update, 1/6th scale mock-up.
Custom work so far; converted Fat Boy frame to ridged hard tail, center vertical post added to frame cradle, added motor/transmission mounts, engine cylinders lengthened, push-rods/covers lengthened, front suspension widened, front light nacelle widened, sculpted cobra seat, chopped rear fender, custom oil tank with mounts to frame, custom petrol tank with dished sides, custom wheel rims, wheels converted with 80 spoke count each, proposed ape-hanger handlebars at 17" high scaled to 1/6th, single gas filler port, custom/shaved front fork bottom tubes, no front brake, custom rear fender struts, custom rear brake caliper mount and scratch-built "rubber-band" primary drive (belt/sprockets) assembly.

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