SCRATCHBUILD: 2pdr Anti-tank "Portee", 1/35th scale.

A ScratchBuilt 2pdr Anti-Tank weapons platform. The anti-tank gun was used by British Forces in the North African Desert in WW2. This 1/35th scale vehicle and gun was scratchbuilt from styrene plastic.

Firefly Tank crossing engineer bridge.

British Firefly Tank crossing engineer bridge during the Battle of Arnhem. The 1/35th scale diorama was published and made the cover of Military Modeler Magazine, September, 1991.

M-10 Tank Destroyer road block

M-10 Tank Destroyer road block in Europe, WW2. The 1/35th scale diorama is modeled after actual war time photograph.

Somewhere in the PTO/Pacific Theater of Operations

U.S. Marine "grunt" and Sherman Tank diorama, in 1/35th scale, somewhere in the south pacific, WW2.

M-3 Grant Tank in the desert.

A small diorama in 1/35 scale of a British M-3 Grant Tank, somewhere in the North African desert, WW2.
been working on this scratch-built model for almost one year.