the Double Trouble build, front suspension fabrication.

A mild 'rake' of the frame neck is IN ORDER to fit the 21 inch front "runner" (wheel) to front fork suspension.

Tapering fork tubes.

Tapered fork assembly (in-progress).

Stopping Power! with dual-disc front brake.

Brake pad assemblies are being upgraded from large housings to an updated (chopped) streamline body. 
Three assemblies will be needed for the double Trouble build.

Front suspension rockers fabricated from styrene card.

Fitting suspension rockers along with adding mild rake to frame neck.

the Double Trouble build, "attention to detail": oil system

Double oil pumps with holes drilled for return and feed plumbing. Oil pressure gauges will also be accommodated. 1/6th scale.

Oil packs with inner housing filters installed.

Oil packs located for installation in frame cradle. 

Feed and return oil plumbing with miniature braided hose. 

(in-process) Fabrication of hanger bracket for rear oil pack (tank).

Mounting the oil packs (tanks).

Feed and return oil plumbing with miniature braided hose for number 2 oil pack (tank).Bends and turns are for clearance of exhaust pipe.

Oil plumbing lines formed, located and fitted with clearance for exhaust pipe

the Double Trouble build, exhaust and intake in-progress 2.0

Phat (fat)...is good.

Flared ends of styrene tube formed with heat gun and
tapered end of wooden stencil brush.

The exhaust and intake subassembly builds. Tying up loose "ends" and adding some "flare".
FYI: this ain't no "shake and bake". I leave that up to the amateurs.