Pocket Rocket - batteries not included.

Will the real pocket rocket please stand up! 

The Four Horsemen and other primer selections.

Alclad II Lacquer, Grey and Black Primers with Microfiller.
Caution and much patience needs to be used with this airbrush application.
The paint applies well, but leaves a "micro" pebbly surface to the painted area. Not suitable for spraying smooth metal finishes over it.
"Micro" sanding the primed surface is absolutely necessary for a smooth top finish.
I know this only because of "fighting the battle" myself through trial and error.
Good luck and happy primer painting.

On a budget? and who is not?
Here is a good selection with the Bright Touch being a favorite. The Touch 'n tone is a dark grey that lays on thick but very smooth. The Krylon Max Red Oxide Primer is simply marvelous how it dries to a dead flat finish like auto primer should be.
I have tried and highly recommend these primers for miniatures.
Try them out and see what works for you and your applications.
Good luck and happy primer painting.
"The Four Horsemen Of The (wallet/purse) Apocalypse"
I say this because and although Mr. Surfacer is the Best hobby primer paint ever, it is expensive and will put a big dent on your money funds.
If on a budget (like most of us) there are less expensive alternatives such as (Auto Zone) Touch Bright.
Good luck and happy primer painting.